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Tonya B

FREE Christmas and Holiday Patterns - About Embroidery

More helpful info along the lines of DIY christmas stockings - if you are in fact looking at tackling this holiday project, here are some festive holiday patterns that you can use to decorate your personalized stockings...

Tonya B

Frozen Christmas Stocking Tutorial with Brother Home Sewing & Embroidery - YouTube

1 min read

From the Brother sewing company, here is a tutorial - how to make a beautiful Christmas stocking with the Disney "Frozen" theme.  Fun!  =)

Tonya B

Easy to Make Your Own Christmas Stockings - Patterns for Making Christmas Stockings | Vanilla Joy

If you are ambitious enough, you might just decide to tackle the project yourself - make your own embroidered, personalized stockings for this Christmas.  If that is what you are thinking, then this article will likely be of some help to you.